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4 Best Learning Styles that make you Better Learners

Have you ever imagined

-Why you can’t remember even a single concept which I have learned using different learning styles?

-Why even by using different tactics to learn I can’t remember the concept while applying in real-life?

From Schooling till Completing degree we read so many Books, Notes and Guides, etc for each subject.

We try every tactic to learn the concepts of each subject like using flashcards, and recording lectures for remembering each passage point to point from each subject.

We have learned in schools and colleges using traditional method theoretical learning. But we cant apply the concept practically.

Because, For some, the traditional learning method will be fine

But what we won’t understand is that for each person, there is a unique learning style. So, today let us discuss the 4 learning styles in this post.

What are the 4 learning styles?

The four learning styles are

#Visual Learning

#Aural Learning

#Verbal Learning

#Physical Learning

#Visual Learning

In Visual Learning, learners prefer to learn through pictures or videos more than writing or reading.

Because more than reading and writing visual learners can understand simply If they watch the concepts visually.

Visual Learners use images, graphs, maps, and charts, etc to understand the concepts. They can remember the whole passage point to point visually.

Example: Nowadays most of the Bloggers, Online Entrepreneurs, and Coaches use YouTube or other video platforms to teach their clients.

#Aural Learning

In Aural Learning like visual learners here the learners wish to learn through audios. Because some people are good listeners for them learning through listening makes them understand any concepts easily. Example: As an online citizen some people like podcasts more than videos and books.

#Verbal Learning

In Verbal Learning learners wish to learn by writing or reading more than Visual or Aural. Reading/ Writing is the traditional way of learning. It is Learning used in every kind of educational institutions and the educational system. Example: Book-reading is the main hobby of so many learners/readers.

#Physical Learning

In Physical Learning learners wish to learn practically more than the other 3 types of Learning Styles. There are so many learners who understand the concepts more when they do it practically. Example: Bloggers, Startups, & Self – Entrepreneurs, etc.,


Each Learning style is different and each learner is different. As a Coach, Trainer, and Lectures, etc we should understand our learners and train them according to their learning style. Even as a learner if you feel that your current learning style or method is not suitable for you then this is the time to change it.

Hope to see you all next time 🙂

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