Alt_5 basic keys to improving your mental health

5 basic keys to improving your mental health

Nowadays one out of five people is affected by Mental illness like anxiety, depression, and stress. Hence, mental health should also be prioritized as physical health. There are many ways to improve or develop your mental health. Here in this post, I’m going to tell you some simple or basic keys which can be followed by you in every situation.

#1 Value yourself

Always it is more important to value yourself before giving value to others. Every time when you wake up in the morning look at the mirror and say “I love myself and I’m the best”. That will create a positive vibe around yourself and whatever may happen on that will make you happy. Because when you love yourself then all the persons around you will love you automatically.

#2 Do something you love

We always run behind success but do we succeed always ?

No. because everyone thinks that success in working in a top multi-national company and having a 6-digit salary.

But is it the real success? Ask yourself.

Yes, it is the real success but only when love to work in that top multi-national company and having a 6-digit salary by sitting idle in one place inside a small cubicle or room in-front of a computer or laptop and working from morning 9 to evening 5.

But for some who read this post, it will be a big no because you might love to work as a freelancer with some good skills or an entrepreneur you want to work with like-minded people or Coach who wish to teach others what you love. Then it’s time for you to think because when we feel stress or depression when we do what we love but when we what we don’t love it create more stress and depression.

#3 Be Focused

Always be focused on one thing at a time. Because our mind is like a monkey it wont be idle in one place.

We always think about various things at a time but it will more stress and depression.

It is better to do one thing correctly then creating chaos by multi-tasking.

“Slow and Steady wins the race”

-Aesop fables

#4 Learn New Skills

Learning new skills every time is also important as updating known skills. Because the world is changing minute by minute in every field.

Hence, Learning New Skills will create will improve our career. It not only improves our career but also helps us in improving our mental health.

Because Lack of skills creates unemployment not only for workers but also for entrepreneurs. Then this will create complete stress not only for us but also for our family and friends.

#5 Be Social

Being social means not being active on Social media but to keep in touch with our family, Friends, Colleagues, and relatives. Because if someone is there to listen and share our feelings. Then it will decrease our stress and it will create us to improve our mental health.

Bonus Key:

Never miss the little kid in you

Yes, always it is better to be a happy kid than being a stressful adult. A little kid won’t feel much stress because they don’t know what is stress. If you have a doubt in that then just close your eyes and think

Your first time in the kinder garden holding your parent’s hand at that time what was your feeling?

Do you feel amazed to meet new friends or do you feel stressed about what others think?


Think about the first day of your college or the first day of your job. What do you feel?

Do you feel amazed to meet new friends or do you feel stressed about what others think?

Compare both the condition by yourself then you will get the your answer.

If you got the answer then don’t keep it for yourself Share it with others

And remember

“Learn to Teach and Teach to Learn

– Siju Varghese

Hope to see you next time 🙂

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