Alt_Siju Varghese

On Internet

Hi friends! Welcome to Evonezus. I’m Siju, a 24 year old blogger.

The voice and soul behind the words of evonezus, a blog which contains personal tips, business, blogging and eLearning. I’m more passionate to find a positive note in all sorts of things.  

In Real Life

I’m a B.B.A graduate by Academics & a E-Learning content Developer + Online Support by profession from the southern part of India. I’m working in a 9-5 job sitting before a system in a cubicle. I speak a lot and love to learn a lot but always working in a busy schedule to complete the daily task.

What is Evonezus?

Evonezus is a combination Evolution + Genesis because here in evonezus we discuss about evolution’s of human personality and everything as a beginning in this world. Understanding is the starting of knowledge, here in evonezus we discuss about the concepts of business and other educational concept through eLearning.

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I will be active on my social media accounts those who want to talk to me or share something personally can dm me and follow me. I will reply to all the messages.