• Alt_Advantages of ELearning

    5 Advantages of eLearning

    Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss the advantages of eLearning. During this COVID Period, the uses of eLearning have been increased. All over the world everyone’s work culture and education system are also changed. Everyone has learned to…

  • Alt_5 basic keys to improving your mental health

    5 basic keys to improving your mental health

    Nowadays one out of five people is affected by Mental illness like anxiety, depression, and stress. Hence, mental health should also be prioritized as physical health. There are many ways to improve or develop your mental health. Here in this…

  • Lifestyle

    Welcome to my digital space

    Welcome to my first post and the official launch of a new and improved blog (my digital space). There have been many changes made to this blog after I have started blogging. I’m back with my latest domain, new theme,…