Welcome to my digital space

Welcome to my first post and the official launch of a new and improved blog (my digital space). There have been many changes made to this blog after I have started blogging. I’m back with my latest domain, new theme, and with a lot more changes with new directions in my blogging journey. If you’re new here, hi! I’m Siju, the voice, and soul behind this blog. Let me explain to you about myself.

Why I started blogging?

I started blogging two years back because I wanted to share my thoughts with everyone without knowing much about blogging. I have been on every major site for bloggers, like Blogger, Wix, and WordPress except Squarespace. I have been switching different constantly.

I originally started blogging without any niche in my first blog My Million Thoughts, it was just a blog to share my thoughts. I found myself stuck because I don’t know what to write. Instead of finding the problem, I kept changing my blog names like Mytikal Era still without any niche. Then I found that there was some problem with the way I blog.

After being Idle for so many months, I sat back and thought about why I started blogging to myself. Then I got the answer, I started blogging because I want to express myself to this world but in-between I got deviated from my direction. Hence I started to learn about blogging in the first place.

I found that I started blogging without exact directions. Then I started to streamline my blogging process with certain changes.

What can you expect from my post?

All my contents are now going focused on Philanthropy, E-Learning, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, lifestyle along with some personal quotes, thoughts, and etc,

My new content will be based on the multi-topic categories mentioned above. I want everyone reader of my blog to enjoy while they learn something new from my blog.

I’m very much happy about the changes that have been made to some of my old visitors. I’m also genuinely excited and passionate about the sharing a positive note in my future post.

A little about me personally

This segment is particularly for my visitors both new and old who wish to know more about me.

I’m Siju Varghese, a 24 years old blogger from the southern part of India. I have bachelor’s in Business Administration two years back. Hence, by academics I’m a business graduate and by profession I have been both Chat and E-mail Support for Amazon India and Amazon CA for one year and now while being a part-time blogger I’m also a online support and a E-Learning Content Developer in a Placement Training Company.

I’m always passionate to positive note in every incidents and also to help others throughout my life. My personal hobbies are reading books, drawing and watching movies. The places which I like are Kerala, Chennai and all nature spots around the world.

I hope that now everyone know me better.

Thank you for reading this post till the last and listening to each my lines. I would love to hear more suggestions and comments from you for my future post. I will be posting consistently like once or twice a week.

Hope to see you next time 🙂


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